Scrap Buster Projects

What do you do with all your leftovers after you’ve made your perfect garment? Why not keep the scraps and leftovers and whip up some of these super quick sews. We’ve put together a collection of some great scrap busting ideas to help you make the most of your fabric and also keep as much as possible out of the bins 🙂

1. Headbands: These really don’t need much fabric, just a couple of small strips. We have our own free headband pattern and tutorial here

2. Scrunchies: These are perfect for those tiny bits of offcuts. Here is a simple tutorial to make some cool scrunchies.

3. Make up wipes: Cut some circles or squares, back them with something soft like bamboo velour or even some old towelling and sew around the edges.

4. Washable baby wipes: Similar to the make up wipes but slightly bigger.

5. Cloth sanitary pads (CSP): These take a bit of practice but are totally worth it and kind to the environment. There is a free pattern and guide available here

6. G tube cover pads: These would be a great item to make for charity for children who require gastronomy feeding tubes. There’s a free pattern and tutorial available to download here: Cook Childrens G Tube Cover

7. Beanie Hats: We have a review of some great free jersey hat patterns over here:

8. Pants: Whether they’re kids or adult pants you can definitely make use of some slightly bigger scrap pieces to make these. Check out the Waves and Wild group for a free kids pants pattern:

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