Free Headband Pattern and Tutorial

The Neverland Headband We’ve created a super easy and quick sew headband pattern and tutorial for all ages. You can either download the tutorial here or follow the tutorial on this page. The pattern pieces are available to download here  We hope you enjoy making this cute headband. If you’d prefer to cut your pieces out using measurements rather […]

Scrap Buster Projects

What do you do with all your leftovers after you’ve made your perfect garment? Why not keep the scraps and leftovers and whip up some of these super quick sews. We’ve put together a collection of some great scrap busting ideas to help you make the most of your fabric and also keep as much […]

Sewing With Stretch Fabrics

Sewing is becoming increasingly popular, and with all these amazing fabrics available it’s easy to see why! A lot of people have asked us for tips on getting started with sewing knits, so we have made a handy guide. Once you have your beautiful cotton/elastane knit fabric, you need to figure out what you are […]